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Occhio and Scena: a new culture of light for spatial design

Scena is honoured to have Occhio as a leading supplier, bringing an innovative vision in high-end lighting. Occhio is synonymous with exceptional design, unrivalled quality of light and unrivalled ease of use. Since its founding in 1999, the German firm has evolved into an internationally recognised lifestyle brand, particularly in the luxury segment.

What sets Occhio apart is its holistic approach to light. Its products not only fulfil their primary function, but redefine the user experience, allowing them to customise lighting to create unique and welcoming environments. This is especially relevant for Scena, which values the combination of aesthetics and advanced technology in its projects.

Occhio’s dedication to quality is remarkable. The company seeks to replicate the luminosity of natural light, with a colour rendering index of over 95, almost matching the sun. In addition, its designs are elegant and versatile, allowing for harmonious integration into any environment. By offering users the possibility to become their own lighting designers, Occhio and Scena share a common vision: to elevate the experience of spaces through light and innovative design in Mallorca.

Beosound Emerge: High fidelity sound and exceptional design for your home

Bang & Olufsen, a legendary brand in the world of high-end audio, has once again surprised with the launch of the Beosound Emerge. This wireless speaker, available at Scena, your official Bang & Olufsen distributor in Mallorca, represents the pinnacle of innovation in design and audio technology, elevating the home listening experience to a new level.

A design that is a visual eye-catcher

The Beosound Emerge is distinguished by its elegant minimalist design, available in two captivating colors: anthracite black and gold. Its anodized aluminum casing and Kvadrat wool fabric blend in perfectly with any style of decoration, bringing a touch of sophistication and exclusivity to your home.

Surround sound that transports you to another dimension

Immerse yourself in an unprecedented sound universe thanks to Bang & Olufsen’s True360 technology. The Beosound Emerge disperses sound evenly throughout the room, creating a 180-degree immersive listening experience that transports you to the heart of the music.

State-of-the-art connectivity

The Beosound Emerge connects effortlessly to your Wi-Fi network and mobile devices via Bluetooth, AirPlay 2 and Chromecast. Enjoy your favorite music in high fidelity from Spotify, Deezer, Apple Music and other streaming platforms, accessing an infinite world of sonic possibilities.

Intuitive control at your fingertips

The Beosound Emerge features an intuitive touch panel that lets you control music playback, volume and sound settings with a simple touch. Plus, you can use the Bang & Olufsen app for smartphones and tablets for an even more complete and personalized control experience.

Versatility to fit your lifestyle

The Beosound Emerge is a versatile speaker that adapts to any space in your home. Place it on a shelf, on the wall or even on the floor, and enjoy exceptional sound no matter the location.

Beosound Emerge in Mallorca: The ultimate Bang & Olufsen experience with Scena

At Scena, as official Bang & Olufsen distributors in Mallorca, we offer you the opportunity to discover the Beosound Emerge and live the ultimate high-end audio experience. Visit our showroom in Palma de Mallorca and let yourself be captivated by the exceptional design and incomparable sound of this wireless speaker.

Crestron Home: Developing your home into a smart oasis

Imagine a home that adapts to your needs and desires. A space where lighting, temperature, entertainment and security are automatically adjusted to create the perfect environment for you. With Crestron Home, this dream becomes a reality. This intelligent home automation system allows you to control all aspects of your home from a single platform, transforming it into an oasis of comfort, security and efficiency.

A universe of possibilities at your fingertips

Crestron Home is not just a home automation system, it is a personalized and unprecedented experience that allows you to:

Create unique environments for every moment of the day. Enjoy subdued, soothing lighting in the bedroom, or a vibrant ambiance in the living room for a movie night.
Save energy by automatically adjusting the temperature and lighting based on your presence or weather conditions.
Enhance your security with an integrated surveillance system that lets you monitor your home from anywhere.
Control everything from your smartphone, tablet or even with voice commands.

With Crestron Home, you can:

Cutting-edge technology for a smart home

Crestron Home is based on cutting-edge technology that offers you:

Crestron Home: The experts’ choice

At Scena, we are Crestron partners and are proud to offer our customers this cutting-edge technology. Our team of experts will advise you in the choice of the Crestron Home system that best suits your needs and will accompany you in the installation and configuration of the system.

Do you want to transform your home into an intelligent oasis of comfort, security and efficiency? Contact us and discover how Crestron Home can improve your life.

Lighting up your world with Artemide: A journey through light and design

Scena is proud to collaborate with Artemide, one of the world’s leading lighting brands. Since its inception in 1964, Artemide has challenged conventions and redefined the way we perceive light.

A universe of lighting possibilities

Artemide offers a wide range of lighting products for both indoor and outdoor use. Its designs range from classic luminaires to avant-garde creations, all marked by innovation and exceptional quality.

Flagship projects that light up the world

Among Artemide’s most notable projects are the IDX – Your Stage! and the Luca Faloni Boutique. These projects exemplify the company’s ability to create unique and memorable lighting experiences.

Light as the protagonist in your projects

At E-Scena, we work hand in hand with Artemide to integrate its luminaires into single-family, multi-family and hotel projects. Our team of experts will advise you to select the perfect luminaires to suit your needs and create unique environments full of light.

Sustainability at the forefront

At Scena, we share Artemide’s commitment to sustainability. The company is EPD certified for Alphabet of Light, demonstrating its dedication to responsible and environmentally friendly manufacturing.

Do you want to illuminate your project with the magic of Artemide? Contact us and discover how we can help you create exceptional spaces.

Bang & Olufsen has sponsored the Arabella Golf Christmas Tournament, held last Saturday 16th December at the Son Muntaner Golf Course in Mallorca.

The tournament was a success in attendance, with more than 100 participants of all ages and levels of experience. The players enjoyed a morning of golf in an incomparable setting, with perfect weather and spectacular views of the island.

At the end of the tournament, a prize-giving ceremony was held at which the following prizes were awarded:

Bang & Olufsen congratulates all winners and participants of the Arabella Golf Christmas Tournament. It was an unforgettable day for all golf and music lovers.

New Global Installations Engineering Service in Majorca
Our engineer Andreu Fuster is responsible for this new service offered by Scena, aimed at offering a complete Installation Engineering Service designed to meet the needs of our customers globally, including mechanical, electrical, air conditioning, photovoltaic, etc.

Our experience focuses on the design and execution management of the fundamental installations for single-family, multi-family and hotel complexes. We understand that a well-designed and properly executed infrastructure is vital to the comfort, efficiency and safety of any architectural development.

Our Engineering Service is focused on developers, architects and construction companies. Whether it is a new development or a renovation project, our expertise ensures that the infrastructure is designed and executed to the highest quality standards.

We are a team of engineers specialising in innovative and sustainable design of electrical, plumbing, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, etc. systems in Mallorca. We tailor each project to maximise functionality and energy efficiency. We offer comprehensive project management services, overseeing implementation from procurement to construction. We maintain compliance with regulations and building codes, ensuring safety and performance. In addition, with over a decade of experience in luxury housing, we focus on sophisticated installations, prioritising excellence and original design in custom projects.

Give the gift of music with Bang & Olufsen

These are times of generosity, of thinking from the heart about the people we love most. Their passions, their dreams. That’s why, for all sound and music enthusiasts, Bang & Olufsen offers a whole range of possibilities for a limitless sound experience.

State-of-the-art speakers such as the Beosound 5, featuring Bluetooth and Wi-Fi technology with mind-blowing bass, a long-lasting battery and wireless charging, all in a sleek, easy-to-carry design; the portable and powerful Beosound A1, ideal for filling the home with the sound of the festive season, indoors and out; or the Beoplay EX, headphones in polished aluminium and shiny glass, to enjoy good music this festive season.

This Christmas, don’t hesitate and give the gift of music to your loved ones with B&O. Let the sound of the festive season accompany you in your celebrations, indoors or in the garden, or wherever you go. Music transports us. To the top of the world and beyond the atmosphere. That’s The Gift of Music. Give the gift of music. You won’t regret giving Bang & Olufsen in Mallorca.

Beolab 8, a launch with a heavenly sound

The firm Bang & Olufsen, of which Scena is the exclusive distributor in the Balearic Islands, has presented its new line of Beolab 8 loudspeakers, an ode to versatility based on interchangeable pieces, characterised by an exquisite design, which adapt to the needs of each space and vital moment.

A product that is as attractive as it is practical, which can be fitted perfectly from any position (walls, floor, ceilings or on a table), providing powerful, high-definition sound. This is the TOTAL loudspeaker.

The cinematic sound experience with Beolab 8 is impressive as it integrates seamlessly into any sound setup, delivering outstanding surround sound quality.

The performance of Beolab 8 is fully understood when enjoyed in pairs. The performance of the pair makes for a spectacular soundstage, capable of filling the room acoustically.

Its three-driver sound configuration guarantees great detail and depth of sound, despite its small dimensions. Its mapping system analyses the room and adapts the sound distribution to its spatial characteristics, achieving an immersive experience.

III Bang & Olufsen Golf Tournament

Next 16th December, the facilities of Golf Son Muntaner of Arabella Golf will host the celebration of the III Tournament Bang & Olufsen organized by Scena.

In this third edition of the Christmas tournament, which will start at 09:00 hours, numerous prizes from the firm Bang & Olufsen will be awarded. The winner will win a cheque for €1,000 worth of products from the Danish brand. There will also be gifts for the winners and runners-up, both male and female, as well as recognition for the best shots of the tournament.

The golfers who participate in this third Bang & Olufsen Christmas golf tournament organised by Scena, will be eligible to win the following prizes:

  • Overall Handicap Winner: 1.000 Euro voucher at Bang & Olufsen Mallorca.
  • 1st Male Winner: Voucher for 400 euros worth of Bang & Olufsen Mallorca products.
  • 2nd Male Winner: 250 Euro voucher for Bang & Olufsen Mallorca products.
  • 1 Female Qualifier: Voucher for 400 euros in Bang & Olufsen Mallorca products.
  • 2nd Female Winner: Voucher for 250 euros worth of Bang & Olufsen Mallorca products.
  • Senior Winner: Voucher for 250 euros worth of Bang & Olufsen Mallorca products.
  • Close to the PIN Award: Bang & Olufsen P2 Speaker Bang & Olufsen Mallorca.
  • Longest Drive Award: Bang & Olufsen P2 speaker.

In the following link you can register for the tournament: REGISTRATION.

Savant, the home automation system for precision and maximum comfort, arrives at Scena

Savant is a firm that exalts precision home automation to the point of excellence. At Scena we are really pleased to be able to offer our customers the “Savant Home” solutions, starting with its universal remote control, its network manager or the management of its app, unique in the sector, which allows the user to control the functions they want from anywhere in their home.

The customer only has to define the sound, image, light or temperature environments they want, in a surprisingly simple way: just add the different devices we have – streaming platforms, music, sound equipment, lighting, etc. – and, using the Savant Instant option, configure our system in just a few minutes.

Known as “Smart Home Automation”, Savant’s highly sophisticated and carefully designed products have been created to facilitate the integrated management of audiovisual environments characterised by unique levels of customisation, with levels of functionality and configurability never before seen in the market.