Occhio and Scena: a new culture of light for spatial design

Scena is honoured to have Occhio as a leading supplier, bringing an innovative vision in high-end lighting. Occhio is synonymous with exceptional design, unrivalled quality of light and unrivalled ease of use. Since its founding in 1999, the German firm has evolved into an internationally recognised lifestyle brand, particularly in the luxury segment.

What sets Occhio apart is its holistic approach to light. Its products not only fulfil their primary function, but redefine the user experience, allowing them to customise lighting to create unique and welcoming environments. This is especially relevant for Scena, which values the combination of aesthetics and advanced technology in its projects.

Occhio’s dedication to quality is remarkable. The company seeks to replicate the luminosity of natural light, with a colour rendering index of over 95, almost matching the sun. In addition, its designs are elegant and versatile, allowing for harmonious integration into any environment. By offering users the possibility to become their own lighting designers, Occhio and Scena share a common vision: to elevate the experience of spaces through light and innovative design in Mallorca.

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