Turn your home into a magical space

At Scena we have more than 10 years of experience in the engineering sector in Mallorca. Our professional team is made up of highly qualified engineers, architects, designers and technicians, who work together to create customized technological interior design solutions.

Scena’s values: innovation, passion and continuous improvement

Since our beginnings in 2011, at Scena we have carried the value of innovation and continuous improvement in our DNA. We have grown from a small team to a multidisciplinary, cohesive and highly qualified team, with a great vocation for technology and innovation.

We are committed to the passion for what we do, the restlessness to innovate and the spirit to keep improving day by day. We have grown together with our clients, and today we are the national and international reference in the home automation sector in Palma.

Experience, evolution and tradition: the pillars of Scena

We believe that evolution is inconceivable without experience, and that experience is unimaginable without the tradition of those who came before us. These concepts are the basis of our progress, and we always keep them in mind in everything we do.

We are a company with a tradition for innovation and proven experience in all our projects. The constant evolution is the basis of our growth, and together, we grow in this exciting world of home automation in Mallorca.

Multidisciplinary team: designing customized solutions for you

At Scena, we seek excellence in design and the practicality of technology in everyday life. We have an innovative and unique Experience Center, where you can see and experience our home automation solutions in Palma de Mallorca, as well as a Bang & amp; Olufsen flagship showroom store.

Our multidisciplinary team is made up of designers and interior designers who guide us in the latest trends, a group of engineers who develop the product and a commercial and technical team that makes the magic possible.

We work together to create synergies under the direction of professionals who always seek perfection and take into account all the details. At Scena, we make easy and practical what seemed complex and impossible in the audiovisual world in Mallorca.

Our catalog, our essence…

In the interior of our catalog you will be able to perceive the authentic essence of the company, the most emotional and close part. You can also find inspiration and the latest trends in home design and organization.

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