Lighting up your world with Artemide: A journey through light and design

Scena is proud to collaborate with Artemide, one of the world’s leading lighting brands. Since its inception in 1964, Artemide has challenged conventions and redefined the way we perceive light.

A universe of lighting possibilities

Artemide offers a wide range of lighting products for both indoor and outdoor use. Its designs range from classic luminaires to avant-garde creations, all marked by innovation and exceptional quality.

Flagship projects that light up the world

Among Artemide’s most notable projects are the IDX – Your Stage! and the Luca Faloni Boutique. These projects exemplify the company’s ability to create unique and memorable lighting experiences.

Light as the protagonist in your projects

At E-Scena, we work hand in hand with Artemide to integrate its luminaires into single-family, multi-family and hotel projects. Our team of experts will advise you to select the perfect luminaires to suit your needs and create unique environments full of light.

Sustainability at the forefront

At Scena, we share Artemide’s commitment to sustainability. The company is EPD certified for Alphabet of Light, demonstrating its dedication to responsible and environmentally friendly manufacturing.

Do you want to illuminate your project with the magic of Artemide? Contact us and discover how we can help you create exceptional spaces.

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