New Global Installations Engineering Service in Majorca

Our engineer Andreu Fuster is responsible for this new service offered by Scena, aimed at offering a complete Installation Engineering Service designed to meet the needs of our customers globally, including mechanical, electrical, air conditioning, photovoltaic, etc.

Our experience focuses on the design and execution management of the fundamental installations for single-family, multi-family and hotel complexes. We understand that a well-designed and properly executed infrastructure is vital to the comfort, efficiency and safety of any architectural development.

Our Engineering Service is focused on developers, architects and construction companies. Whether it is a new development or a renovation project, our expertise ensures that the infrastructure is designed and executed to the highest quality standards.

We are a team of engineers specialising in innovative and sustainable design of electrical, plumbing, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, etc. systems in Mallorca. We tailor each project to maximise functionality and energy efficiency. We offer comprehensive project management services, overseeing implementation from procurement to construction. We maintain compliance with regulations and building codes, ensuring safety and performance. In addition, with over a decade of experience in luxury housing, we focus on sophisticated installations, prioritising excellence and original design in custom projects.

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