BEOSOUND A5, a step into the era of portable sound

Dive into an unmatched sound experience with the new BEOSOUND A5 portable speaker from Bang & Olufsen. This portable device revolutionises the audio world by breaking down acoustic and aesthetic barriers in a simple and elegant way.

With its design in Nordic Weave and Dark Oak, the BEOSOUND A5 will not only please your ears, but also your eyes. Every detail has been carefully designed to give you an exceptional listening experience in an aesthetically pleasing package.

This portable speaker delivers powerful, immersive sound thanks to its four speakers and RoomSense technology from Bang & Olufsen. Enjoy a 360-degree sound experience that fills every corner of the room with exceptional audio quality.

Furthermore, playback and volume control is easy and convenient via the B&O app, so you can customise your music experience to suit your tastes and preferences.

Connectivity is another strong point of the BEOSOUND A5. With WiFi, Airplay 2, Chromecast and Bluetooth, this speaker gives you the absolute freedom to listen to music anywhere and from any compatible device. Enjoy streaming music without interruption and without compromising on sound quality.

The BEOSOUND A5’s modular and durable design ensures it will evolve with the times. With software updates and the ability to swap out parts, this speaker stays on the cutting edge of technology and adapts to your changing needs.

Experience musical freedom and control with the BEOSOUND A5. Discover a new way to enjoy your favourite music anytime, anywhere. Immerse yourself in exceptional sound and enjoy the quality and craftsmanship that only Bang & amp; Olufsen can offer. The BEOSOUND A5 takes you to the next level in the era of portable sound.

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