Technological interior design projects: audio and video, home automation and lighting

At Scena showroom we give life to your illusions in home automation, lighting and audio & video in Mallorca. Integration in its purest form so that you can live a complete experience.

Your own home cinema

We are proud to offer our customers an incomparable cinematic experience. We have a fully equipped movie theater that will allow you to enjoy the magic of the seventh art from the comfort of your home.

The Room

Have you ever stopped to think how many different atmospheres can be created through lighting?

At Scena we have created “The Room”. Thanks to our new room dedicated to lighting we can simulate different atmospheres and temperatures, always having light as the protagonist.

With this sensory experience we can see how the room changes depending on the intensity of the light, and witness how the room changes by itself.

We invite you to immerse yourself in this experience.

Lighting and home automation showroom

In our showroom, we also have a wide and varied exhibition of lighting products for both indoors and outdoors.

In addition, we also have a collection of home automation applications for the home, which will give you greater comfort and efficiency in your daily life.