Professional solutions for promotions in Mallorca

Contractors in Mallorca

Tailor-made solutions for multi-family developments and hospitality projects

At Scena, our Contract division offers high quality global and customised solutions for home automation, audio and lighting projects in the professional sector.

Our international projects stand out for their transversal nature, adapting our brands and products to the needs and expectations of each client without compromising their budget. We focus on the most visible details to achieve a surprising effect and an unforgettable experience for the end user.

We have a complete home automation, audio and lighting package that allows us to adjust costs without sacrificing quality or reliability. In addition, at Espacio Scena we carry out comprehensive audio, home automation and lighting projects for developments and hospitality, offering guarantee and security throughout the process.

If you are looking for customised and high quality solutions in projects for promotions in Mallorca, trust Scena!

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