My name is Cooper and I’m here to make you happy

Indeed, that’s my name, Cooper. Like the Mini but faster. Much more: I’m a greyhound, just so you know, in case I have to explain everything!

My role at Scena is crystal clear: I’m the office happiness specialist. No biting involved. On the contrary, I sniff from a distance when my colleagues are overwhelmed with tension, stress, or need a break to recharge their batteries. I detect it and look into their eyes, from here, from my couch. With my gaze, I invite them to sit by my side and pet me or share their concerns with me. Listening is my thing. And giving them cuddles, truth be told. But I’m respectful about it and let them take the initiative. I don’t want to invade their space. And, to be honest, I also expect them to do the same: I only lend my couch for a while, let’s be serious.

Well, now you know me. I hope that after this introduction, when you come to visit Scena, you look into my eyes. I’ll know at that precise moment if you need my affection, and I’ll provide it instantly. That’s my job, to be happy. And for you to be happy too, don’t forget that.

Wow (“A greeting” in Perrunese),


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