Cloud 37, a cloud of light and glamour

June 23, 2023

Apparatus has captivated the lighting design world once again with its latest creation, the Club 37 lamp. This creative ingenuity combines style and light quality to perfection, and will soon become the standout lighting element in one of the company’s projects.

Designed by the talented Gabriel Hendifar, the Club 37 lamp is composed of frosted glass spheres, hand-crafted with precision to create an irregular structure that evokes 19th-century techniques. These surrounding spheres capture the eye with their unique beauty and texture.

With three strategically placed central light sources, the lamp emits a soft, enveloping illumination. The light refracts off the surrounding glass spheres, creating a magical effect that fills the space with a captivating atmosphere.

The Club 37 lamp is a true testament to the care and attention to detail that Apparatus puts into each of its creations. Handcrafted and assembled in New York, this design masterpiece combines traditional craftsmanship with a contemporary vision.

But the lamp is not just a lighting object, it is an immersive experience in itself. The design studio has managed to explore and enhance the relationship between lighting, furniture and objects, creating a unique and stimulating environment.

The Club 37 lamp is the perfect balance between functionality and aesthetics. Not only does it illuminate spaces with a soft and attractive light, but it also adds a touch of glamour and sophistication to any environment in which it is placed. It is a piece that will not go unnoticed and is sure to become the centre of attention and conversation.

It is a piece that will not go unnoticed and is sure to become the centre of attention and conversation.

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