Integral project in the centre of Palma: Scena redefines energy efficiency with cutting-edge home automation technology

June 26, 2023

At Scena we are proud to present the project carried out in Plaza Madrid, a true example of how technology and design come together to create an energy-efficient residential environment. Through meticulous work, we have managed to combine the latest home automation technologies to offer a minimalist and welcoming style in each of the rooms of this unique home.

One of the fundamental pillars of this project has been the search for sustainability in every aspect of the design. Each room has been carefully designed to ensure energy efficiency and minimise environmental impact. From the lighting to the air conditioning systems, all the elements have been selected in accordance with the most rigorous standards of sustainability.

The key to this energy efficiency lies in the installation of an advanced home automation system. Through intelligent control of the home’s devices and systems, it is possible to maintain an optimal balance in energy consumption, avoiding any unnecessary waste. The lighting is automatically adjusted according to the needs and preferences of the residents, while the heating and cooling systems are intelligently regulated to maximise energy efficiency.

Furthermore, home automation technology allows energy consumption to be controlled and monitored in real time. Through intuitive mobile apps, devices and systems can be monitored and adjusted to ensure that the home is operating as efficiently as possible. This not only results in a lower environmental impact, but also in significant savings in long-term energy costs.

The project at Plaza Madrid represents a holistic approach to creating residential spaces that are not only visually appealing, but also environmentally friendly and economically efficient. Scena has succeeded in combining minimalist design with cutting-edge technology to offer a home where sustainability and comfort merge in perfect harmony.

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