Beolab 8, a launch with a heavenly sound

The firm Bang & Olufsen, of which Scena is the exclusive distributor in the Balearic Islands, has presented its new line of Beolab 8 loudspeakers, an ode to versatility based on interchangeable pieces, characterised by an exquisite design, which adapt to the needs of each space and vital moment.

A product that is as attractive as it is practical, which can be fitted perfectly from any position (walls, floor, ceilings or on a table), providing powerful, high-definition sound. This is the TOTAL loudspeaker.

The cinematic sound experience with Beolab 8 is impressive as it integrates seamlessly into any sound setup, delivering outstanding surround sound quality.

The performance of Beolab 8 is fully understood when enjoyed in pairs. The performance of the pair makes for a spectacular soundstage, capable of filling the room acoustically.

Its three-driver sound configuration guarantees great detail and depth of sound, despite its small dimensions. Its mapping system analyses the room and adapts the sound distribution to its spatial characteristics, achieving an immersive experience.

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